We have spent extensive engineering time to develop a durable lightweight paintball jersey that fits great. No longer do you have to buy jerseys that are too big or small and feel like capes, blankets or saran wrap.  Precision paintball jerseys are developed to handle competitive play while feeling comfortable. Review the features available below for each.
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1.Polyester Interlok
2.Kool Mesh Microfabrics
3.Half gloves or no half gloves
4.Semi V Neck with semi-raised collar and triangular neck padding
5.Round neck, Straight Neck
6.Full padding, ( Chest, shoulder, and Arms ) and non-padded
7.Quality Material
8.Double stitch in key areas
9.Professional fit and Comfortability
10.Ribbed cuffs and Collar, or Interlok Collar
11.super lightweight
12.Single padded to keep the jersey lighter.