Professional Full Custom design: $150 fully custom design fee.
This is the lowest design fee on the market. Our Team is ready to create custom work from
scratch. Recreation fees may apply depending on the scope of work and time it
takes to recreate certain images. But most of the time, it’s no issue.

Transfer Service. Transfer fee: $100
You may already have a design on your own template however we do not use other companies templates as we have our own templates and have our own stitching process. For this, we may need to transfer your design to our template and can take some time.

Semi-Custom Jerseys: There’s no design fee! Unless there are template modifications needed.
You can choose from any of our template designs and we will put your Team logo, your name and number on the
jersey on any position. There’s no extra charge for putting your name and number on
the arms as well as the back. Keep in mind that if you need to change the way the template looks, you will have a $100 modification fee. This is because extra work will need to be done.

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Turnaround time:
Many people can get confused with other companies that don’t mention that there are two different types of turnaround times.
The first turnaround time is for the design only. This time varies depending on the time needed for the design as some designs get a bit intricate. Clients may need to make changes. However, we only allow up to 3 significant changes before we charge an overtime fee. Over time fee is $100. This turnaround time is not included in the second turnaround time.

The second turnaround time: This is the production time. we typically take between 2-4 weeks for production. Bigger orders may vary in time.
Our production time is pretty fast. So you see design timing and production timing cannot be placed together as it may vary due to the client’s needs.

We will need any Personal logos, Team Logos, Sponsor Logos, design elements, or
designs in vector format to make things easier. If you do not have anything in
Vector format, we can handle it.
Png’s and Jpegs: Png and jpeg files do not come out well on designs because
of raster image issues. But if its all you have we’ll work with you.

Paintball Jersey:

Types of jerseys:  photos coming soon.

  1. $65 each for ( XR Model ) with custom triangular front, padded. $60 Non-padded.
  2. $65 each for ( Precision Model ) with custom triangular front, padded and slightly wider sides. $60 Non-padded.
  3. $65 each for ( Precision FLow Model ) with custom triangular front, padded, slightly wider sides and custom mesh back for maximum airflow $60 Non-padded.
  4. $65 each for ( A-cut Model ) with crossed V or Triangular front, Padded. $60 Non-padded.
  5. $75 each for ( XTR Model ), with Raised Collar and custom front.
  6. $80 each for (Vigor Model) Double padded or extra padding in select positions of the jersey. Also includes Cordura options. Cordura is used for maximum endurance, durability for professional play. Many players tend to slide on their sides and their forearms. Cordura material is good for snake players. Inquire about these options.

1. Custom Paintball Team Jerseys
2. Professional Grade
3. Padded or Non Padded: Your Choice.
4. Padding includes : Chest, Shoulders, Elbows, and Forearm, ribs can be requested.
5. Padding Can be custom designed.
6. Polyester interlocked pro material. We have varieties.
7. Cool Mesh Superlight Infinite Special
8. Thicker GSM grade Jerseys available.
9. Collar: Roundish, V neck or semi V-neck available.
10. Gauntlets available: Please request if you want this.

Team Flag $125: ( 5ft x 3ft with your team logo ) Strong Cordura material
These are perfect for applying to a 1 Inch or 2 Inch pole. These are two-sided. Team Flags represent your team and help you display your presence at events. They also help draw attention for more players who might want to join your team.

Team Banner $95: ( 4ft x 2.5ft with your team logo ) Strong Cordura material
These are perfect for Tying to a Team Canopy, Bench, tree, fence. Team banners represent your team and help you display your presence at events. They also help draw attention for more players who might want to join your team.

Standard total package details:
1. Custom Paintball Team Jerseys
3. Design fee. $150.

* Design fee will be excluded for the Semi-custom jerseys.



1. Contact us and well talk about your custom team jersey needs. We accept payment through Square.  For those who ask about Square, It is a very easy payment provider. It’s much like PayPal. We basically send you an invoice from our Square account to your email address. It can easily be paid online. Payments must be made prior to starting the project. Once payment is made, We will then plan your jersey together. We may even use FB messaging to make things quicker and easier. You can easily find us at our FB page

2. We will need you to give us a description of what you need, and send us any logos, ideas, sketches, and sponsor logos you may have via email. We prefer you send these in EPS/Vector format. If you don’t have these, it’s fine. Fear not. We can work with you every step of the way to get a concept going. Our email for files and ideas is infinitesportz@gmail.com.

3. Once we came to an understanding of the concept, we go right to work. We complete the first phase of getting your design done.

4. Once we have a design going, we will show you to get feedback. We continue the communication and design process until we come to an excellent result.

5. Once you send us an approval of the design via email, We send the design to our printing department and the jerseys go into production.

6. Once the jerseys are produced we send photos and get the jerseys shipped to your chosen address.

7. You receive your new Badazz INFINITE custom Team jerseys and hit the field like an intimidating force of paint slingers!