Over the years we have been perfecting Panel cuts and material testing to develop the most comfortable, Lightweight, and durable paintball jerseys in the world!
Guess what!?  We hit the mark! We have been getting rave reviews on our jerseys and couldn’t be more proud!


If you’re looking for an affordable solution to having a durable lightweight custom paintball jersey that actually fits comfortably, INFINITE SPORTS is what you have been looking for!

Custom Paintball Jerseys

Imagine having durable tournament grade paintball team jerseys at a fraction of the cost with multi tested engineering and proven success of comfortability and performance. Are you ready to explore INFINITE SPORTS?

Custom Dri Fit Shirts

Full sublimated Dri Fit Shirts are garments with wicking technology. Theyre light and feel great. Great addition to your teams apparel.

Custom Headwraps and Headbands

Time to add matching headwraps and headbands for maximum Team Pride and maximum performance on the field. Order custom headwraps and headbands for your team today!


We have tried so many different paintball companies including the big dogs and no one even came close to making comfortable but durable paintball jerseys like Infinite Sports did. Even though we know someone who knew the Infinite Sports owner, we were skeptical about it because Infinite Sports is still fairly new in the game, but they are definitely up there with the big dogs when it comes to quality. The first thing that came to mind was “OMG” these jerseys are just amazing and the designs are sick!

Jesus Feliciano

Team Captain, Florida Bonecrushers

Over at Fiction Paintball, we just have to say that we couldn’t believe how amazing these jerseys are. We were blown away by the attention to detail in the sick design they created. We wanted to mention a big company that we switched to Infinite Sports from, but Infinite Sports did not want us to mention them. They told us they wanted to keep things professional and wanted paintballers to focus on the fact that they provide quality all around.

But we will say that we are definitely happy that we made the switch!

Scott Scovel

Team Captain, Fiction Paintball Team, Illinois

All we have to say is that Not only does Infinite Sports have great customer service, they have the sickest designs we ever seen. They answer their customers very rapidly as well.

Daniel Lomax

Team Captain, Team Told Ya So, Illinois

In addition to professional customer service, Infinite Sports did some great jerseys for our team equipped with pockets on the arm and a great rendition of our teams paintball tank ( The Mein Herrin ). You can see our tank out at Cousins Paintball games as well as the Legendary ION game in PA. We love the attention to detail and always hitting the mark to our needs. Thanks Infinite!

Chris Justin

Team Captain, Punishers Paintball, Long Island NY

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